At soundcore, we recognize that our impact on the environment extends to our packaging, too. That's why we're committed to minimizing plastic in our products, moving from recycled plastics to further reduce environmental impact, and actively working towards a greener future.
Embracing Greener
- 98%1
Our new packaging is made with 98%1 eco-friendly materials, significantly reducing plastic usage by 95%2 compared to the old packaging.
We've replaced the plastic hooks and outer packaging with paper alternatives, and use paper for closure labels and inner trays.
Eco-Friendly Certified
Certified Materials
Our packaging is crafted from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) 100% recyclable paper sourced from forest-friendly practices.
We're switching to mineral oil-free ink for packaging printing and minimizing the use of foil stamping to make our packaging easier to recycle.
Less Materials
Less Waste
With Liberty 4 NC, we've managed to significantly reduce the weight per box by 7.37 oz (209g)2, resulting in a 58%2 decrease in material consumption.
Our Pledge to
Going forward, from Liberty 4 NC, we will continue using our new and greener packaging.
1. Compared with our previous earbuds packaging, internally tested in May 2023.
2. Compared with our previous true wireless earbuds flagship model's packaging, internally tested in May 2023.