Shrink the Noise,
Enjoy the Ride
Liberty 4 NC
The must-pack item for every adventure with up to 98.5%¹ noise reduction, Adaptive ANC 2.0, 11mm drivers,
Hi-Res wireless audio, and 10H/50H playtime—journeys have never sounded so good.
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Reduce Noise By Up to98.5%¹
Reduce Noise By Up to
Wireless Audio with
3x More²
Detailed Sound
Noise Cancelling
to Your Ears
in Real Time
10 Hrs/50 Hrs
Fast Charging
10 Mins = 4 Hrs
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Find peace and tranquility on journeys with Liberty 4 NC.
With 98.5%¹ noise reduction, recapture your
me-time and take back control.
Shrink the noise, enjoy the ride.
Reduce Noise By Up to
Advanced Noise
Cancelling System
A high sensitivity in-ear sound sensor, 11mm oversized
driver, and an innovative noise isolation
chamber work in
tandem to detect and cancel out up 98.5%¹ of noise.
High Sensitivity
In-Ear Sound Sensor
Picks up a wider range of sounds without distortion,
so the algorithm can accurately identify and counter
external noises.
Oversized Driver
Features a unique curved design and specialized
material to counter louder ambient noises.
Noise Isolation
Carefully designed to work alongside the custom-made
driver to reduce distortion,
so opposing sound waves cancel
out external noises more accurately.
Maximum Quiet,
Anytime, Anywhere
Adaptive ANC 2.0 analyzes external and internal noises via
in-ear and external sound sensors, with an additional
512-order FIR filter to effectively
remove unwanted noises in
real-time, for more precise and instantaneous noise cancelling.
Crisp Sound with
3× More² Detail
11mm custom-tuned drivers deliver crisp, detailed sound
that feels like you're switching on HD for your ears.
Experience Hi-Res wireless audio and
LDAC technology that
transfers 3× more² data than regular Bluetooth—bringing
wireless music to life.
Adjustable Ambience
Take control of your ambient sound with 5 levels of noise
cancelling, 2 transparency modes,
or pick from 4 noise
cancelling modes tailored to your travel method: Plane, Train,
Bus, and Taxi.
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • One Charge.
    Get non-stop entertainment with 10-hour playtime and 50
    hours with the case, 10 minutes of fast charging for 4 hours
    of music, and wireless charging.
    Sculpt Your
    Perfect Sound
    Use our HearID 2.0 test to find the perfect sound profile for
    your ears. If you want to mix it up, the EQ is fully adjustable,
    or choose from 22 presets to match your audio.
    Designed for
    Simple Connections
    Liberty 4 NC enables quick, effortless Bluetooth
    pairing with Android™ devices, auto-play and
    pause on wear, and multi-point connection with
    Bluetooth 5.3.
    Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC.
    Speak Effortlessly
    on Calls
    6 beamforming mics and an AI algorithm amplify
    your voice while reducing background noise, so
    your voice always cuts through.
    Withstands Splashes
    and Spills
    Don't let a sudden downpour or an accidental
    spill ruin your journey. IPX4 water-resistance will
    give you peace of mind during your travels.
    We've redesigned the charging case with one button
    for three functions. Open the case, enter Bluetooth
    pairing mode, or reset your earbuds with an elegant
    smart button.
    Less Plastic,
    Greener Future
    Here at soundcore, we're striving for a
    sustainable future. We now use 100%
    FSC-certified recyclable packaging.
    Simple Connections
    Clear Calls
    3-in-1 Smart Button
    Green Future